Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ogden Union station

Again trying to catch up on events. Again I am amazed at how much cool stuff there is to do and see in Ogden...

Clayton was in second heaven when we stopped for a visit at the Ogden Union station (he is a huge Thomas the Train fanatic). There is only one thing he likes better than airplanes and that is trains. These trains are large and at first Clayton was a bit intimidated by the sheer size of these engines.

At the station there is a museum (we didn't go in as it was closed) but outside there are a half dozen engines that you can touch, climb on, and well get up close and personal with. These things are sooo cool!

Look how small Clayton is compared to the engines. Even Anji looks like a mini person.

The coolest train was the steamy (as Clayton would say). Look at the detail in the iron work...

When Dani and Jason visit from Colorado, Clayton will be so excited to show his cool older cousins the train museum. His bigger cousin Jackson is probably more of a train fanatic than Clayton is (if that is possible)?


Scott Smith said...

Where did you get the snoot you were using at the photowalk? I need to get one.

Nathan Marx said...

Scott, left you an e-mail. I use DIY snoots (home made). I couldn't find anything that fit the bill on the market and didn't like the cardboard home made ones I see others using.