Sunday, July 27, 2008

Clayton the wild child

At times Clayton turns into this little wild child, terrorizing everyone and anything in our home. The cats go into hiding, mom gets a heavy migraine and dad goes comatose. It is as if someone injected our sweet little boy with a straight shot of concentrated caffeine or sugar. The funny thing is that he becomes a wild child when he is really tired. When I am really tired I just want to drop dead or at least sleep standing. It begs the question, why does being really tired turn these beautiful children into little monsters?

I am sure that whoever came up with Gremlin film had young children. The whole story line most likely came from experience that the screen writer had with their own children. He or she probably noted how after a certain time of night a child changes from a cute little Gizmo like creature to a whole batch of monsters that can over run your home. It is an experience that any parent can relate to. The film is classified as a horror film for a reason.

So remember if you have a Gizmo, don’t feed them after midnight, and if you have a child make sure they get enough sleep!

I still don’t understand how they keep going when they get so tired…


Matt said...

I really enjoy reading your blog and your photographs are excellent. I'm very interested to know how you created this does he appear in all those places in one shot? Is it simply photoshop? If it is, it's impressive work. Any chance you could let me know how it's done? Thanks.


Dani said...

Great photo Nathan. I love it. Did you just keep your camera stationary and take the photos when he moved?

Nathan Marx said...

Basically, I put the camera on a tripod and took a series of photos blending in the parts of the photo I wanted to keep.

I am putting together a duplicity "how to" post soon.