Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bye Bye Woodscross Drill Team

Sad, how we move onto different things. My wife has been the Woods Cross Drill team assistant advisor for two years now. Anji will no longer be a drill team advisor.

The drill team

Here is my wife and Ariana hugging. Ariana and my wife have really become good friends as they taught dance to the drill team here at Woodscross high.

The team mom was so much help. The job of being drill team advisor is one of practically no pay and high stress. I know that my wife and Ariana often paid for things from their own pocket, when it came to gifts for the girls etc.

Drill team leaders

These girls are great and they will do just fine. It sad to move on but it makes room for something new. Some of the girls are graduating and will be moving on themselves. Life has some wonderful surprises in store, I am sure.

Drill team friends

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