Thursday, March 20, 2008

Storm is a coming

Seems that everyone wants to see photos of nature, landscapes etc. I love people photos, I love playing with light. With a portrait if your light isn't good, you make your own light...

Landscapes, are a totally different subject. You can't tell the mountain tilt this way or smile! I can't use my strobes to light up the mountain when there is too much shadow or the light is too harsh. The best time (light wise) is early morning or late night. When I arrive at work it is dark and it regularly is dark when I leave. When it isn't then I want to hurry strait home to play with Clayton.

Well we have been house hunting a little. The light hasn't been the best but there has been some great weather to shoot.

You can see how far west we have been searching for homes. This shot was from a field, the shot is facing south. Look at the rain/clouds coming in!

BW storm is coming

Here is another shot facing east. Yep there are houses being built clear out near the lake. I think it is kinda of scary as you never know when that lake is going to rise again! I shot from another field and of course I had to crouch low to have the grass from the field hide the houses.

Clouds are so beautiful! Gotta love the blue sky after the storm. For those not from Utah, those mountains are the Wasatch mountain range. Salt Lake City runs right against those mountains.

Looking at the wasatch mountains