Sunday, January 20, 2008

Photowalking Utah

This January I had the opportunity to meet with other photographers here in Utah at a photowalking Utah event organized by Rich Legg. It was a real eye opener in that I was able to "kick the tires" so to speak, and use other photographers lighting setups. The setups in most all but one case used the big studio strobes that are able to output mega-tons of power. It was a real eye opener as I am used to working with small dedicated flash units. My little camera never had seen so much power and well I think it liked it.

One of the coolest lighting tools I was able to try out was Kim's ring flash. The light rocked and well ever since I have been experimenting with making my own ring flash adapter using a small flash. Not the same but I am on a tight budget. This is a photo of Kim being lit by his ring flash (too cool)!

Weapons of choice

Laarni (Kim's wife) was there and was a very willing model. This photo was taken in a setup with two large softboxes. Very flattering.

Veiled Laarni

This is Sarah, she is a cutie isn't she! She was a bit shy but she has a beautiful smile.

Shy Sarah

One of the things that each setup had was back drops. Ever since this photo meet I have been looking at setting up my own back drop of some sort. Definitely on my to get list.

This is one of the other photographers at the meet. Jeremy loves his work! Again this is lit by that uber sweet ring flash. Check out some of the great work Jeremy is kicking out here.

Jeremy and his true love!

Of course one of the new things I have been trying to do is try a little more black and white photography. Love the look of black and white and well I feel that I just don't use it near enough. These are black and white photos of Jenna and Andrew who were kind enough to volunteer as models for the photogs running around.

Jenna in B&W

Andrew B&W

One setup had a ladder with it so as to allow us to try out different perspectives. Clara is another cutie that was willing to allow us to grab her picture.


These last two photos were taken by Kim (he is in the first photo with the diesel hat). I am breaking the norm as these are photos I didn't take but hey these are of me! Kim has some wicked cool photos check out his photos here.

Photo taken by Joachim Guanzon used with permission

Hey the paparazzi is after me again! I had so much fun and well it was great getting to know other photographers and having the chance to bounce ideas off of more people with more experience.

Photo taken by Joachim Guanzon used with permission

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Aries327 said...

Those are really cool photos. You have to get a ring flash. And do more black and white. I like how it brought out the light color of that guys' eyes.