Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Clayton's chair

This Christmas Nana (Clayton's Grandma) gave Clayton a brand new chair that is just his size. He loves his chair and he often will remind us that it is his chair. He knows that the chair has his named stitched across the back rest and will often rub his fingers across it and say letters in a random order. In his mind I am sure the letters he is saying spell CLAYTON. Sometimes he is so cute I could just squeeze him!

The chair is his favorite place to sit and relax and watch a movie like Cars, his favorite. Sometimes he wants to sit in our laps which we love.

His favorite show and toys lately are all about Thomas the Tank Engine.

Here he is showing off his latest toy Bertie the bus. It is so cute to see him play with these toys. He will have them talk to each other and they have some interesting conversations (his toys do). Often the conversation will end up with a crash and then apologies go around amongst the toy cars and trains.

Doesn't Clayton make some of the cutest faces? Man I can't believe how much I love this little guy sometimes. There is nothing in the world better than being a dad!

One of my next goals is to take some more creative photos of Clayton and all the things he does. It is hard to think of ways of showing his personality as he doesn't really like to hold still for dad and his camera.

I want to capture the things he does in such a way that in twenty plus years when he is married and starting to have kids of his own, Anji and I can sit down and laugh at the funny little boy and cry over how he has grown and changed. Plus it will be fun to say "you used to do that" when he complains about his son getting into some sort of mischief.

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