Friday, September 21, 2007

Clayton's friends

Clayton's best bud is our neighbors little boy Christopher. The poor kid is probably confused cuz he is also called by Max. Max is his middle name, and the name by which Clayton hails his friend Christoper.

Ya this kid loves to hang with Clayton.......

Clayton and Christopher both having fun in the upper deck of the swing set that sits outside of our quad. In fact that is what makes the photos so fun to take. I could set up my lighting gear (I know it was miday and there was plenty of light), and because Clayton and Christopher still aren't sure about going down the slide by themselves, I had plenty of time to experiment with my lights. A little experiement with cross lighting.

Of course Kayla had to get in on the action. This little girl is soooo photogenic and she loves her picture being taken, again and again and again. In fact she just might push your kid out of the photo op. so she can capture the spotlight.

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