Sunday, August 5, 2007

It's true, Clayton decided no more crawling

Yes if you have heard the rumors they are true. Clayton has decided that he will walk from now on. I know he took his own sweet time, but he finally decided that walking was the way to go. As usual I managed to capture some photographic evidence to support my claims, and refute the nay Sayers. Anji adds her testimonial that on the twelfth of July Clayton started walking and never looked back.

This is out in front of our town home. You can see in the picture below he is concentrating on finding some dirt to play in. I think the first thing that we will build for Clayton if when we get a house is a sand box.

These pictures were taken out by the garden, dad was watering the garden taking pictures while Clayton explored. Besides dirt, he loves to pick up rocks and throw them. He is getting pretty good at throwing things at mom and dad right where it hurts the most!

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Aries327 said...

I love how you can see Anji in the background of that one. What a cute girl! Clayton looks so cool in his yellow shirt. Is that a Hobie shirt? It looks like a Hobie shirt.