Monday, February 21, 2011

Shooting exploding lightbulbs

The shoot occurred a while back, but I have recently begun editing the images (I will save end results for a later post). I wanted to highlight on something that Scott brought up in his post at his website. We started out using studio strobes, but quickly switched to speed lights for the shoot. The reason being the much shorter flash duration of speed lights enabled us to freeze the light bulbs exploding. I have images below that show the difference between the speed lights and strobes (notice the pellet used to destroy the bulbs, in the strobe version it appears as an orange blur).

The images we captured are actually long exposure images (one image is a 6.3 second exposure). flash was used to capture action (photography is about the light after all). If you would like to see what the bulbs looked like while exploding, I suggest you hit the link above and head on over to Scott's website. He has some excellent captures of the bulbs exploding.

Image captured using strobes

Image captured using speedlights

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