Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Got Photocamp Utah Print?

There is less than 10 days till Photocamp Utah. Have you created your print for the print display? In case you some how missed the news look here to learn more. Hurry if you haven't, there isn't much time left! The hardest part has been picking which photos to use for the print display. I decided to go with people photos as that is what I usually prefer to shoot.

Indecisive as I have been, I have printed and mounted several photos. The thing is that I thought the printing would help narrow it down! The photos look even better printed! Decisions... ...decisions!

I am going for something that will tell a story. Originally I thought I would share self portraits, as that is one of the things I tend to do that seems to stand out from the crowd (most photographers are much more comfortable behind the camera). Also I toned down how many photos to share on the 11"X14" print. My original montage was nuts and way to busy (see below). In printed from, the original montage turned out images the size of wallets. I have decided to do a side by side with two images sharing the same theme...

Of course there is always time to change my mind, there is still 10 days till show time!!!


Kevin Russell said...

Nathan I have a quick question about the print size.

what do they really suggest about the size of the print for your print display?

Thanks :)

Nathan Marx said...

The print should be 11"X14" or smaller. One single print, mounted on 1/8" foam core (or something similar). No framed prints etc.

You can put as many pictures as you can fit on a single 11X14 inch print.

Kevin Russell said...

Thanks for liking my photo blog

Ohh okey thanks for giving the link and some info on it :)

Have a great weekend.