Saturday, October 10, 2009


A while back I got to together with Scott O. Smith a photographer who I highly respect and admire. The shoot was to add ballet photos to add to our stock portfolios and at the same time give some awesome dance photos to the models and their mothers. Scott is just starting at the microstock game, while I have been fumbling through microstock since about the beginning of the year.

It may seem that many great portrait photos are not posed, but the true secret to good portraiture is the posing. To get those life like photos that seem unposed and look great the photographer must interact with the subject (Secret: almost all great portrait photography is posed). You are paying your photographer for more than to simply own expensive gear and snap photos. I digress, here is a behind the scenes of Scott posing the ballerinas.

I was very happy how the ballet leaping photos turned out (sorry can't remember the names of the moves)!

One side note, I found shooting into mirrors to be very difficult. It is hard to not get refelctions of unwanted objects in the photo (like the photographer and his lights). Well here are a few behind the scenes type photos (all posed), enjoy!

Scott, actually initiated this stock shoot. That means my turn next time and I am thinking music theme!


Scott Smith said...

Great post. This shoot was a bit stressful and hot but I had a blast. Here's to many more to come. Music theme sounds great. Mady in these photos is a great violinist and is happy to help us out again.

Carter Clan said...

Oh my gosh next time you guys do something like this... I want to come. Just started stock last March but my portfolio is still pretty small.

Nathan Marx said...

Scott, I forgot about the getting warm part, and only remember the good stuff (hehehe). I guess next shoot will be me stressing?

Carter Clan, e-mail me. I see you live in Utah, so I am sure we could have you along sometime. I think this may become something we will be doing every so often (me Scott and perhaps a few others).