Saturday, January 31, 2009

January self portrait challenge

During the month of January, I participated in the January photochallenge to shoot myself (with my camera) once every day of the month. 31 self portraits in 31 days. I didn't quite keep up, but managed to take photos about 3/4 of the days (still a few in the camera that need to be downloaded).

I took a lot of photos and uploaded only the best to my flickr account (you can see more here self portrait set). Because I have begun shooting microstock I tried to go for images I thought might sell as stock (sometimes). Other times I went for what ever look I could think of off the top of my head. OK, enough blabbering, on with the photos...

First photo as a warm up to the photo challenge. Makes me think of those cheese heads only with chess not cheese.

Week 1 favorite, taken outside my home late at night.

Week 2 favorite (hard to pick on this week).

Week 3 favorite was an idea that didn't turn out how I intended but well you live and learn. It still turned out decent.

Week 4 was film noir (great fog that night). The photo was not exactly what I wanted (it looked soo much better in my head), but I got decent results. Probably the most popular photo from the entire series on flickr.

Later (next month) I plan on doing a little re-hash of the experience, what I picked up and the like. I also plan on sharing some of the setups with little tidbits about what worked and what didn't.

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Jeremy said...

I love the black and white! Wonderful!