Monday, December 8, 2008


Airen, is the daughter of some good friends Shea and Evylyn. Airen is thinking about trying her hand at modeling. She likes the camera and well the camera likes her!

She had some photos done in a studio type of environment and well it was time for environmental portraits. She looked through all the portfolios of all the environmental photographers in the continental USA and none were up to par... Until she ran across Nathan Marx Photog extraordinaire!

OK, were friends and well the topic just sort of came up, but I like the first better. Much more DR-A-M-A.

Drama is exactly what we went for (personally I felt that her other photos were so traditional boring that she needed something spicy).

Now to the beautiful photos of Airen.

I worked Airen hard, telling her to try different expressions (most of the time she had a hard time not laughing at me). If you model, it isn't about saying cheese (it is way more than smiling). It involves a bit of acting (Of course this is coming from someone with no experience with models).

Originally we (I) planned on doing a sports theme type of shoot, but time wasn't on our side. I still think we need to do the sport theme (it will rock).

I can't decide if this one below or the first is my favorite...

Sometimes, Airen had to laugh at me (it is my goofy personality that gets to people). I like this candid expression of "huh, are you talking to me?".

So we need to do it again Airen, this time we need to follow the plan. No making the photographer stress by making him throw his plan out the window (No it was fun, to heck with a plan)!


Scott Smith said...

These are great, I got a great feel for the "Drama" factor looking at these.

The Wright Way said...

Hi Nathan you probably dont remember me, My name is Lindsee, I dated Andrew before his mission anyway, I ran into your blog while looking for a good photographer. I want to get some family pictures done. Your pictures are great. I dont know if you do them for anybody or just family and friends, but I would be interested in a little more info? I live in the ogden area so not to far from you. Let me know if you would be up for taking some pictures and prices and stuff. My email is...

Thanks, Lindsee Wright

Nathan Marx said...

Lindsee, nice to hear from you! I am not doing a very good job at advertising but I am for Hire.

My business website: