Saturday, November 22, 2008

Christiansen's Christmas

Our most excellent friends the Christiansens asked me to take some holiday photos for them! I thought it would be best to start from the youngest and work my way toward the oldest. We did the photos at their home, in front of their beautiful stone fire place.

The photos are just a few of my favorites (just a small sample). All the photos with Clark turned out uber cute. How could they not when you have chubby cheeks and huge eyes like these (he is such a little animated baby)...

Christopher is Clayton's buddy. The kid is a little wild man, and when Clayton and Christopher get together watch out! Christopher is one cute kid though, and like all the family, very photogenic!

Buddy, is a little gentleman. He looks so good in his vest and tie.

The big sister, Kayla is so beautiful. She is going to be a heart breaker!

And last is the whole family, it is sad that we live so far apart. The one thing I think that would have made the pictures a step up, is if the Christmas tree had been up. That is my one recommendation so we may do a quick retake?

Lucky they had a good photog, to make them look as good in print as they do in real life. OK, a monkey with a point-n-shoot camera could have made them look good, but would it have been as much fun???


Avery said...

That little girl is so beautiful, she is going to have to beat the boys off with a stick. Great job. I like that there is not a tree, it makes it usable through the whole year. Great job!

Erin Alberty said...

Is Clark the baby? He is awesome. Every picture of him made me chuckle out loud!


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Anonymous said...

They are all SO gorgeous?! Who is this incredible family?! =)

John Christiansen

jamirdesign said...

the pic is nice. great exposure and I love the expressions of the baby. LOL!