Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Nathan’s hot’n tasty BBQ

It’s true; Nathan is famous for his tasty barbecue skillz. People come from miles around just to taste the smoked delicacies off his hot grill. Kidz go CRAZY for the taste and adults can’t resist. A real palate pleaser Nathan’s is the place people go for a full and happy belly.

After his Grandfather started a famous hot dog stand in Coney Island New York; on an urge Nathan moved to Utah bringing with him his vast knowledge and skill set in dealing with animal proteins. Ask Clayton his son about the great tasting meat that come off the grill and you get an enthusiastic nod (he’s speechless). Clayton particularly likes the hot Ball Park Franks his dad grills with tender care (Disclaimer: due to high fuel prices Nathan’s hot dogs stay in New York, but Ball Parks are universally available for a great price; hey you make sacrifices where you have to).

Just look at the wild excitement as these kids get a taste for Nathan’s BBQ ribs.

We asked Nathan how he does it ”It is important to buy good meat but if you know how to BBQ things right you can make meat from an old dead dog taste like it is grade AAA prime beef! More than that I can’t tell you, the military has placed a restriction on my sharing that sort of information” Upon probing deeper about the dog meat, Nathan replied ”The name hotdog is not an accident, more than that I cannot say”.

BBQ so delicious they can’t put the meat down to say hello.

Mom's approve and everyone, and we mean everyone leaves happy from Nathan’s BBQ palace!

So if you are ever in the neighborhood, stop by for some tasty home grilled delicacies that will make you stop and wonder…

Disclaimer: Young children can choke on meat, and should not eat food in general as all food is considered a choking hazard. It is recommended that children under the age of ten are fed intravenously by the food patrol, watching people of America.

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