Thursday, June 26, 2008

Clayton visits the Hogel zoo

I am sooo far behind on the events since we moved. There are a billion things that we have done that I want to share so I will have to keep things short and sweet for a while. A couple of weeks back A month ago we visited the Hogel zoo. We met my parents, my sister and brother in law (Becky and Troy); of course they had their little ones, Clayton's favorite cousin Jordan and little Brody.

So you understand how uncrowded the zoo was... There are something like 2 million people living in the state of Utah and every single last one of them went to the zoo the weekend we did.

First thing we met for some food (at the very crowded zoo) and Brody managed to put his hand through Anji's ice cream cone. You can forget how fast those little ones hands can be (I was amused).

Jordan was excited to see all the animals!

You might ask, what was Clayton's favorite part of the zoo? Why of course the train ride!

Can you guess who was more excited for the ride???

There is little Brody with Grandma!

A few more pics of the kids...

OK the last one was not a kid.

Clayton and Grandpa...

We will visit the zoo again (when it is not so crowded). Clayton is going to miss his cousin Jordan...

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