Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Photowalking Utah, March

I managed to make it to the Photowalking Utah event this March. The last event I was sicker than a dog and missed. I sooo wanted to go last month. I almost missed the meet again this month. The group met at the Trax station located near the Moran Eye Center. I was late for reasons I don't want to get into. This is the same group that held the studio photowalking event that I blogged about here. You guessed it, if we met at the light rail station the photowalking event must have been themed around Trax. Actually the idea was to ride the train and shoot at every stop. Here is another photowalking member Jeremy photographing the train...


Urban/street photography is not the kind of photography that I usually do and for that reason was great! I got out of my comfort zone and was looking to photograph things that I usually don't care to photograph (non-people things).

Down town looking up

So I did photograph some people. This man was on the street and was kind enough to allow his photo to be taken by many of us on the photo walk.

Street man

Here is a street tile...

Down town street tile

Another member of the photowalking group... Diane

Diane and the grafiti

It was great fun to meet other photogs and to learn from so many that have tons of experience that I am just starting to grasp. Great stuff. Next time though I plan on being on time!

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