Monday, April 14, 2008

Moving Clayton's cousins

We recently helped my sister and her family move to Payson. Sadly I didn't think to take a shot of the home but I did manage to capture a few photos of the kids. All of Clayton's first cousins live far enough away that visiting any of them is a real treat. Jordan is a real hoot and Clayton loves to hang out with Jordan.

When he gets lazy he sometimes calls her Jorge (it's an affectionate thing).

Of course Brody is still too little to play with but he manages to keep himself entertained...

Clayton though is growing like a weed lately. He really is starting to look older every day. He has lost all that baby fat!

Clayton is growing up:(

Of course Jordan has always been ahead of her time.

Jordan (close)

I wonder what Brody is going to be like?


His sister is a little dare devil!

Biker girl

It is exciting to see Becky move (my sister). We are going to have to do a sleep over some time! Clayton will love the chance to hang with his cousin Jorge... uh Jordan.

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