Saturday, March 15, 2008

Spring is coming!

The snow is melting and it is warming up outside. We have had temperatures in the 50 degree range. I know it sounds a bit chilly but it is oh so nice. I was able to go out and play with Clayton the other day. We have been cooped up in our town home a bit due to everyone being sick. Nothing like the freedom of the beginnings of spring!

Clayton outside again 3

Clayton outside again 2

Here was a magic moment. I laid down to get that better angle and Clayton decided to do the same. It was picture perfect!

The cutest little boy

I know, it is spring but there is this wall next to Clayton in most of the photos (I like the wall for the depth it adds). Clayton found that he could play in the dirt as it was dry in this spot (south facing wall). We gotta get the kid a sandbox!

Clayton is outside again

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