Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Photowalking Utah (January video)

Just thought I would share since I had so much fun at the photo walking event. Jeremy Hall (Yup, he is the guy kissing his lens in my other photowalking Utah post) put together a short video of the group going ape with their cameras. For those who might be interested click the video below. A cool thing that Jeremy did is he managed to capture a couple of shots, followed directly by an image of the results of that shot. Really cool stuff Jeremy. The event has really inspired me to pull out all my meager equipment, supplies and use them to the max. Also it has helped me in feeling confident about telling the model (photog speak, anyone in front of the camera is a potential model), how to pose. Thanks again to all those who made this happen!

You can read more about the video on Jeremy's blog

This was the first time I have been able to rub shoulders with other enthusiasts and with real photographers. I can't wait till the next meet. I think attending these kind of events will really make me stretch as a photographer. I really enjoy taking photos of people, but often would like to do other things. The problem is I never make the time to get out and capture images of those other things. If there is not a person I just don't want to lift the viewfinder to my eye. The photowalking group is a diverse group of photographers and portraiture is not on the ussual agenda. I am excited to see what the next meet will be like!

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