Sunday, August 5, 2007

Taking a quick look back

Here is looking back in time.......

I started the task of trying to organize our pictures, and stumbled on a few that made me grin. I can't believe how much our little boy has changed in such a short time. The sad thing is that our first digital camera (the one we have been using since we first got married), didn't record the date (at least not correctly). So I have to guess when pictures were taken. Lets just say most of these are from about a year ago.

Look at that cute little boy and his Hot Momma!

Clayton has never had the most refined of palates, but he is flexible.

He has since moved up from his car seat to a booster seat.

Remember those awful days of wearing a helmet? I always felt so bad for him, especially during the hot summer. I remember how he screamed when we would put the helmet back on his head. It absolutely would break my heart. It was worth it though, as he now has a perfectly shaped head.

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Aries327 said...

Perfectly shaped heads are over-rated. :)